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πŸ“‚ Important Updates to Swipe Files

published9 months ago
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Hey friend πŸ‘‹ I've got some important updates to share.

Since breaking ground on Swipe Files in March of 2020 (yep, right at the beginning of the pandemic!), a lot has changed.

I've always opted for transparency, rooted back in my days at Baremetrics and the Open Startups movement, so let me tell you what's going on.

I've experimented with teardowns, a curated swipe file, a community, multiple newsletters, and considered just about every idea possible.

If you're a listener of my podcast Default Alive, you would have heard me brainstorm all sorts of crazy ideas for Swipe Files already.

For the last year and a half since founding, I've followed the "fail fast" methodology. I've also avoided focusing on a single "persona" as we say in marketing.

Now, I've finally found my footing.

Swipe Files is dedicated to SaaS marketing and growth.

SaaS is my bread and butter β€” I'm going back to my roots.

  • First marketing hire at Cordial from $1M – $10M+ ARR
  • Head of Growth at Baremetrics and got to see the innards of thousands of SaaS companies
  • Talked with 10-20 founders and marketers per week about how to grow over the last 3 years
  • Consulted with over a dozen bootstrapped and VC-backed startups on marketing and growth

...I've pretty much seen it all.

And while I love learning about how companies from all sorts of other industries do marketing so I can tease out new, innovative strategies, I always come back to how to apply those strategies to SaaS.

So what does this have to do with updates to Swipe Files?

  1. All content will be focused on an application to SaaS
  2. I'll be creating a lot more content on SaaS marketing
  3. I'm restructuring the Swipe Files membership to a new singular offering with new pricing

Here's everything you need to know.

I'll still be creating tons of free content (in fact, much more!) including:

This Newsletter β€” Cutting-edge, sometimes crazy marketing ideas to help you grow your SaaS.

​Tiny Marketing Ideas β€” Daily bite-sized marketing tactics, lessons, and examples.

​The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Marketers β€” Free email course to help you level up your marketing and do your best work.

​Marketing Weekly β€” A curated digest of the best new articles, podcasts, and tweets in marketing.

​Everything Is Marketing β€” An interview podcast that helps you escape the echo chamber of your industry and learn from some of the smartest marketers and entrepreneurs.

For the Swipe Files membership:

Previously β€” The "Pro" membership got you access to the private community only and the "All Access" membership got you access to the community and courses as well (Refactoring Growth and Mental Models For Marketing).

Now β€” Your membership includes the community, all courses (including a new one: Marketing Like A Media Company), and monthly office hours with Q&A and case studies.

β†’ The new membership page details everything I have in store for members.

If you want to build a marketing engine that generates consistent MRR growth for your SaaS, please check out what you get as a member.

Membership pricing changes:

Currently β€” "Pro" membership is $99/yr and "All Access" is $399, then $99/yr.

Starting Tuesday, 10/12 β€” New singular membership will be $299/yr.

Starting Tuesday, 12/4 β€” The membership will go up to $499/yr.

In the beginning, I wanted to get as many in the door as possible to validate demand (300+!). But now it's time to charge what it's worth considering the membership is designed to help you scale your MRR from $0–1k, $1–100k, or $100k–1m+ and beyond.

As of today, the "Pro" membership is no more.

And given the update on 12th, that means that the 11th will be the last day you can subscribe to the All Access membership and lock in a discounted lifetime membership.

I want to get as many people into the discounted legacy pricing as possible so I'm offering 50% off the All Access membership before it's gone.

β†’ Get the All Access membership for $199, then $99/yr before it goes up to $299/yr on the 12th by using the code LOCKINLEGACY.

Thanks for sticking with me and I look forward to helping you create a marketing engine that generates consistent, predictable MRR growth.

I'll give you a last call reminder on the 11th.

Until then,